The Best Place to Buy Custom Wood Furniture in Ottawa

When looking for furniture, sometimes the available options might lack the qualities and attributes you need. Given how much use you will get out of your furniture every day, they need to have characteristics that reflect your personal design choices. Going with generic pieces built for mass consumption won’t fill that need fully.

However, getting custom-made furnishings is a collaborative process. Hence, the team at Bonds Decor would like you to know just what goes into the process of buying custom wood furniture in Ottawa.

Estimate The Cost

The first step in buying custom wood furniture in Ottawa is to see how much it will cost. The cost of materials, especially the type of wood that will be used, and the workmanship need to be considered. Oak, birchwood, pine, and maple are the usual choices of wood for furniture. Each has its pros and cons and its unique price points. As such, you need to make sure that your desired furniture fits into your budget.

Design The Custom Piece

Next, after the price is agreed on, the custom furniture piece is designed. This is a collaborative effort between you and the firm you have chosen for the project. A prepared plan of what you need will be very helpful, even if it’s just a rough sketch. Dimension of the space the furniture will occupy, the number of pieces required, and its intended use will also be required. 

The choice of wood matters here, especially with regard to the finishing you intend for your custom wood furniture. Wood stain is a popular choice for finishing solid wood furniture in Ottawa but the type of wood used must be compatible with the choice of stain. Stains with a water basis enhance the natural appearance of the wood and oil-based stains give the wood a deeper colour. However, none of these would be suitable in the long term for pine, due to its tendency to blotch. When the designs are complete, the next phase can begin.

Building The Furniture According To The Design

After the designs are complete, your designs are placed in a production queue. The usual rules regarding production queues are “first come, first serve.” As such, when the queue reaches your order, the craftsmen get to work on creating the furniture. Using your specifications as to form and function, the furniture is built in the lead time that is discussed during the design phase.

Completion Of Design

As your order nears completion, the final arrangements will be made. You will need to settle all financial obligations before your furniture can be picked up or delivered. Once the final payment has been received, the date for the delivery/pick up will be set and arrangements for packaging and handling will be made.

Bonds Decor - Beautiful Custom Furniture In Ottawa

While having furniture built to your specifications draws out the process, the end result is always immense customer satisfaction. Your particular needs are met without the need to alter or adjust the space the furniture will occupy.

Please contact us if you need any custom furniture built or any other considerations with regard to furniture. Bonds Decor has been serving Ottawa and surrounding areas with aesthetically pleasing craftsmanship and is undoubtedly the best place to buy custom wood furniture in Ottawa. We look forward to helping you with your next Ottawa paint or decor project.

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