How to Make Interior Paint Last Longer

You probably don’t notice your walls every day, but they’re very important for the presentation of your home. If you notice your house looking a little drab recently it’s likely due to a degrading coat of paint! 

Canadians are reported to spend 90% of their time indoors. That’s a lot of time surrounded by walls. To make the most out of your time inside, it’s important to liven up your walls with a fresh coat of paint. There’s more to it, however than simply painting your walls and forgetting about it. It’s important to follow the best interior paint care practices to ensure your walls maintain their shine.

Adequately Clean and Prepare the Wall 

It’s unlikely that your walls are paint-free unless your house is a new build. Before you paint your walls with a fresh coat, it’s important to make sure that you’re preparing the wall properly to ensure the longevity of your interior paint. 

The first step is to remove old, damaged paint. Neglecting to remove the old coat will make your new one flake rapidly, making all your hard work useless! There are pastes and gels available that make paint removal easy. For a cheaper option, you can delicately sand the wall.

Interior Paint Cleaning

The next step is to thoroughly clean the wall. This is an important step in interior paint care because it allows the new coat of paint to directly bond with the wall. For cleaning, we recommend washing the walls twice over: once with a damp rag and cleaning solution and afterwards with a clean towel and water. 

Only High-Quality Paints Will Do

You might be familiar with this step if you’re already familiar with interior paint care. Don’t cheap out on paint; you get what you pay for! As we mentioned, it's likely you spend the majority of your time indoors. You don’t want to be stuck looking at cheap walls, right?

With our position as Ottawa’s best interior paint supplier, we’re more than qualified to recommend the best paint available. We recommend you use Benjamin Moore or Pittsburgh Paint for a long-lasting paint finish. 

Paint quality is important for long-lasting finishes as low-quality paint materials will easily chip, crack, and peel. Aside from primers and undercoats, selecting high-quality paint is the best thing to ensure the longevity of your walls!

High-Quality Paint

Save Walls From Stains

The only thing worse than chipping paint is stained paint. Stains are ugly, gross, and, in some cases, hard to remove. With these stain removal tips, you’ll be able to remove any stain and increase the longevity of your paint!

We recommend you attempt to clean the paint with warm water, a squirt of dish soap, and light cloth. Make sure you mix the warm water and soap in a dish beforehand and dip the light cloth into the solution. Rub the cloth against the wall in a circular motion to ensure an even spread.

Cleaning erasers are your next option should water and soap fail. You can find these at basically any convenience store or grocery store. Make sure to read the instructions for proper use. It’s recommended that you test the eraser on an out-of-the-way location, such as the wall behind the couch, to make sure your paint finish is not ruined by an abrasive eraser. 

If both of those options fail, it's time to break out the heavy-duty cleaner. This stain removal tip is reserved for only the toughest stains. Read the instructions and put the recommended amount of cleaner on a cloth. You’ll want to scrub in a circular motion similar to the warm water and soap technique. 

High-Quality Paint Selection in Ottawa

Wall Stain Removal

We hope these interior wall care and stain removal tips increase the longevity of your paint! Paint is your way of expressing personality on your walls, so it's important to treat it with the same respect you have for yourself. 

Contact Bonds Decor, Ottawa’s trusted paint supplier, for high-quality paint and paint mixing services! We’ve been supplying the city with the finest quality paint since 1927, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving the highest standard of service for the best price!

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