The Best Paint Colours for Your Living Room

When the time comes to choose new paint colours for your living room, it is hard not to get excited! The possibilities are endless. You have the opportunity to create a space that is uniquely you, and reflects the desired character of the space! 

It can be intimidating trying to narrow down the exact paint colour and shade you would like to select for your living room. Each colour tells its own story, so what story would you like the colour of your living room to tell?

Best Paint Colours For Your Living Room

Here at Bonds Decor, we have seen it time and time again where people become overwhelmed trying to choose a colour for their new living room. With so many options to choose from, it is important to make a choice that will stand the test of time. 

We have assembled this simple guide to the top 4 colours people choose for their living rooms, and why. Each colour has a unique vibe, so it all depends on what you want your living room to reflect. 

White and Off-White

a living room with white walls

White and off-white paints being used in living rooms is one of the most popular colour choices across the globe. Choosing a clean white for your living space gives the room a light and airy quality to it, perfect for relaxing and reading a good book. 

If you choose a shade of white for your living room, we recommend using natural wood furniture, as well as black accents. This will provide your room with an almost Scandinavian quality in terms of design. This creates a beautifully balanced room you will be proud to show off to guests. 


Grey paint in your living room will make the room feel more spacious. Grey paint is extremely versatile. It can be used with more modernistic decor, or even with

a living room

vintage pieces. Grey paint is known to evoke a feeling of serenity and elegance from people. 

When using grey paint, it is fun to experiment with pops of colour throughout the room to give the space a welcoming and cozy quality to it. Choosing grey paint is perfect for somebody who likes to explore different furniture options for a room over time, it will go with almost anything. 


A study shows that blue is the favourite colour of North Americans. This is why blue is one of the most frequently used colours in the living room, also known as the space that brings everybody together. There are a plethora of shades of blue that can be used to create a wide range of aesthetics in your living room, from mild to wild.

Blue walls pair really well with brown and cream coloured furniture and accents in the room. This creates a very welcoming space, while maintaining an air of dignity. 


Burgundy paint provides a very rich and warm feel to living room spaces. This colour is perfect for someone who plans to use gold accents in the room, the deep burgundy colour will highlight these accents beautifully.


Burgundy and deep, muted reds are considered a sign of wealth. If you are looking to create a warm, inviting space that also has a touch of regality in your living room, this is an excellent colour match for you. 

Bonds Decor - Your Living Room Colour Professionals

Bonds Decor has helped thousands of customers put together the living room of their dreams, and it all started with a paint colour. Our team of trained professionals are dedicated to helping you make choices for your living room that uniquely reflects who you are as a person. This way, you will feel completely at home in your new space. 

If you are convinced that it is time to update your living room with a new coat of paint, do not hesitate to contact us!  Here at Bonds Decor, we are committed to ensuring you are completely satisfied with our colour matching and paint finishing services. We guarantee you will be impressed.

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