3 Reasons to Redecorate With Custom Wood Furniture

How many times have you visited someone’s home and right away you can spot the IKEA piece? Too many.

If you’re planning to redecorate your home, consider investing in wood furniture for timeless, beautiful home decor. If the idea of complete creative control doesn’t win you over, let’s dive deeper into other benefits of redecorating your home with custom wood furniture.

The Benefits of Custom Wood Furniture

When you’re furnishing your home, it’s easy to head to big retailers. However, if you’re planning to redecorate there are benefits to having custom wood furniture for some feature pieces in your home. Among the many benefits of wood furniture, here are our top three:

Built to Lastblocks of wood with a carving tool on top

The main benefit to redecorating using custom wood furniture is that it is built to last. This will be an investment that doesn’t have to be replaced after 5 years of wear and tear.

Experienced craftsmen know to use the right wood and materials to ensure that these pieces will last for years to come. Not only is it physically built to last, but it’s a style of furniture that won’t look outdated years from now.

At the end of the day, the quality of Mass-produced furniture just can't compete with the care and hard work that craftsmen put into solid wood furniture.

Personalized to Your Style

With custom wood furniture, you can stand out from the rest and truly let your decor style shine.

Custom wood furniture can be designed to perfectly match your current home decor or completely transform it. If you’ve already gotten started on decorating your home and you’re searching for that final piece to tie everything together, custom wood furniture is the way to go! 

You can work with a craftsman to create a piece of furniture that brings the whole room together.  A craftsman will also be able to create wood furniture with proportions that fit perfectly in your home. You won’t have to sacrifice any space with a “one-size-fits-all” product from a large retailer. 

More Sustainble

No matter which type of wood you choose for your furniture it’s already more environmentally friendly than prefabricated or mass-produced furniture.

Custom wood furniture is not made on an assembly line in a warehouse across the world. Your wood furniture will be handcrafted by a local expert using high-quality wood and materials!

Since wood furniture is built to last, you won’t be replacing these pieces every few years, resulting in less furniture ending up in landfills.

Bonds Decor’s High-Quality Home Furniture in Ottawacustom wood chair built by a craftsman in Ottawa

At Bonds Decor, we offer an extensive collection of high-quality wood furniture from renowned brands. However, we know that sometimes the perfect piece of furniture that you’re looking for just doesn’t exist.

Our craftsmen are here to work with you to create practical, beautiful, and timeless custom wood furniture that reflects your unique style. Our custom furniture process begins with an estimate from our team. We’ll discuss the basic design so that we can provide you with a quote. Next, we’ll plan out the design with you, choosing the wood, stain, and other details. Once you’re happy with the design, we’ll start working on your custom piece in our Ottawa-based workshop. When it’s finished, we’ll call you to arrange delivery so you can look forward to enjoying your custom furniture hassle-free and stress-free. 

If you’re looking for custom wood furniture in Ottawa and surrounding areas, contact our team at Bonds Decor!

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