Kennaway Bedroom

Panel Bed. Item: K78B - King Bed, K60B - Queen Bed, K54B - Double Bed, K39B - Single Bed. Dimensions: Head: 46"H Foot: 26"H

1 Drawer / 1 Door Night Stand. Item: K10. Dimensions: 24”wx19”dx30”h

11 Drawer chest. Item: K11. Dimensions: 64”wx19”dx52”.

7 Drawer chest. Item: K16  . Dimensions: 38”wx19”dx52”h.

7 Drawer Dresser. Item: K17  . Dimensions: 64”wx19”dx35”h.

3 Drawer Nightstand. Item: K13. Dimensions: 22"W x 17"D x 26"H.

6 Drawer Chest. Item: K15. Dimensions: 38"W x 19"D x 45"H.

6 Drawer Dresser & Mirror. Item: Dresser K26 & Mirror K90. Dimensions: 54"W x 19"D x 30"H (Mirror 35"Hx44"W).

1 Drawer Nightstand. Item: K9. Dimensions: 22"W x 17" x 26"H

Item: K10 K78B K11 K16 K17 K13 K15 K26 K90 K9

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